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If a student is absent from school, parents are asked to telephone (9825 9955) the School Secretary or fax (9825 9966) the school before 8.45 am, so that teachers can be informed. A note of explanation must be brought to the student's Pastoral Care Teacher on the day of his/her return to school. A note is also required for partial absences. Such notes must give a full explanation of the reason for the absence and be in the parent's own hand writing, signed and dated. Medical certificates are required for student absences from examinations, assessments, picnic days, sports days, retreats etc.

Absence from Assessment
a. Phone the school so that your class teachers can be notified
b. On your return to school, see your class teacher to see when or if a substitute task will be done.

Accident or Illness
Students who become ill during the day must report to their Pastoral Care teacher or if they are unavailable, to the appropriate Year Co-ordinator. Minor injuries are treated at school and where necessary, office staff will contact parents to arrange for students to go home or to receive treatment. If necessary, an ambulance or doctor will be called immediately. No student will be permitted to leave school until a parent/guardian has been contacted.

After School Detention
a. On the day you get the detention form show it to your parents. Have one of them sign the return slip at the bottom of the form.
b. The slip is to be handed in on the afternoon of the detention to the supervising teacher.
c. Report to Room B2 at 3.00 pm on the day of the detention. Remain there in silence until dismissed.

Students are expected to be in attendance at College every day and participate in all activities, Retreats, Sports Days, Pastoral Care Days etc. for the duration of each school Term. Only in extreme circumstances will permission be given for a student to return late or leave early for Term vacations or to be absent during Term. Such exceptional requests should be made in writing to the Principal well in advance for their consideration.

Bullying and Harassment
The school has a zero tolerance policy towards bullying and harassment as each student at the College has the right to feel safe, happy and wanted. For that reason, any student who is in any way involved in an incident of bullying or harassment of another student, will be dealt with severely. Bullying or harassment of another student will not be tolerated. Students who experience any form of bullying should inform their teachers.

Chewing Gum
Chewing gum causes an enormous amount of damage to uniforms and school property. For this reason it is banned. Students caught will be subject to 3 cleaning detentions for each offence.

College Newsletter
A newsletter is available online every second Friday. This newsletter forms a vital communication link between school and home as it contains items of relevance for students and parents.

Counselling can be arranged through the school for students who need assistance with personal problems. Students can arrange for an appointment to talk to the School Counsellor through their Year Co-ordinator, Pastoral Care Teacher, and Subject Teacher or in extreme circumstances, by making direct contact with the Counsellor.

Diary Policy
Students are to carry their diary with them to all lessons and when going to the Library or Resource Centre.
Diaries are a means of communication to parents, as well as a record of work set.
Diaries are a Work-Book, and must not be decorated, graffitied, etc. They are NOT a repository for personal reflections or notes to other class members. Any teacher can check them at any time.
Students who fail to maintain their diary in the correct manner will be charged $15.00 for a replacement.
Diaries will be checked by pastoral teachers to ensure they are being used as prescribed. If this is NOT the case, the student presents the diary to the teacher daily until they can prove to be more responsible.
On the right-hand side page, all subjects are to be entered for each day, and the homework given is to be written in. If no homework is given, you are to write N.H. (no homework) and write in what was covered in class.

Early Departure
a. Bring a parental note stating why and when you need to depart.
b. Show the note to your Pastoral Care teacher; keep the note.
c. When leaving class, show the note to your class teacher.
d. Report to the Office, hand the note in and have one of the clerical staff sign you out.

Electronic Equipment
The College does not permit the use of mobile phones, walkmans etc. anywhere in the school premises. The College accepts no responsibility for any loss or damage to electronic equipment, and students are therefore advised not to bring electronic equipment to the College. Any student who is caught using such equipment during school time will have the item confiscated, and parents will need to collect it from the college office.

Late Arrival
a. Sign in at the Office and have your diary stamped / obtain a late slip.
b. Show your diary / late slip to your teacher.

At the beginning of each school year, each student is assigned a personal locker. The locker remains the property of the College and if necessary the student may be requested to open the locker for inspection at any time. While a locker is on loan to a student, it is the student's responsibility to keep the locker clean and locked for security.

Loss of Bus Pass
Contact the assigned bus company (currently Interline / Transit Systems) directly and pay for a new pass.

Money for Fees or Excursions
a. Seal the money in an envelope with your name, Pastoral Care class and what it is for (eg. School Fees) clearly printed on the front.
b. Put the envelope in the Fee's Box in the Office.

Parent/Teacher/Student Interviews
Parent/Teacher/Student interviews are held during semester one and semester two as per the school calendar. These events are given high priority in the school year as they provide opportunities for parents and staff to meet and discuss each student's progress. The interview session runs as advertised and operates on 5- minute time slots. Students liaise with their teachers to make specific interview times that are suitable for parents and teachers.

Personal Problem
Talk to your Pastoral Care teacher. If they can't help, they can direct you to someone who may be able to.

Recess/Lunchtime Detention
Report to the Duty Teacher. Carry out the task and have the Duty Teacher sign your diary.

Smoking, Drugs and Alcohol
Smoking is prohibited while wearing the school uniform or on the school premises or on a school outing or activity. Parents will be notified of the breach of this rule. Students who are in the company of others who break this rule will be regarded as equally guilty in aiding and supporting the smokers. As a consequence all students in this group will therefore be liable for the same penalties.
The taking, buying, distributing or organising the distribution of drugs or the consuming of alcohol on the school premises, at school activities or in school uniform is forbidden. The school reserves the right to take the most severe disciplinary action with any student involved in any of the aforementioned activities.

All students are expected to take part in the sporting activity program of the College. When unable to participate:
a. Have a parent write a note in your diary giving the reason.
b. Show to your Pastoral Care teacher during PC on Tuesday.
c. At the start of Sport, report to the place the Sports Co-ordinator tells you.

Subject Problem
Talk to your class teacher or the subject Co-ordinator.

Students travelling on public transport are expected to move between home and the College directly, catching the first available bus, not waiting for friends or breaking their journey. On arrival at the College, students must move into the supervised areas. Once at the College students must not leave the grounds without permission and must not congregate around the bus bays.

Large sums of money and other valuables should not normally be brought to the College and the College accepts no responsibility for them. However, if valuables need to be brought to the College students should take them directly to the College office for 'safe' keeping.



Communication at the College:
The Community of Good Samaritan Catholic College believes that the staff work in partnership with parents in order to provide students with the best possible education. In order to enhance the education of students it is essential that communication occurs at regular intervals. The college staff will communicate with parents through various means. 

The College Newsletter - The College Newsletter will be produced biweekly each term. Newsletters will be available online at the end of each odd week of term. (Generally this will be Week 1, 3, 5, 7, 9 and when appropriate Week 11) 

Student Diaries Staff will communicate with parents via the student diary.  This form of communication is convenient and efficient.  Staff will use diaries to regularly acknowledge success, modify behaviour and keep parents informed.  Parents should sign the diary weekly to acknowledge communication. 

Formal Letters to Parents Staff will write to parents if issues are of major concern.  Parents are encouraged to respond to correspondence at the earliest possible time after receipt of the letter.  

Phone calls to Parents Staff are encouraged to contact parents if there are concerns about students or students are deserving of special praise. 

Parents are encouraged to contact the staff of the college should there be any concerns. They should make contact with the teacher concerned in the first instance and if this does not prove successful they should contact the appropriate coordinator. In the case of a grievance the Good Samaritan Catholic College Complaints and Grievance Policy should be followed.


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