Frequently Asked Questions

What are the College Administration Hours?

* Access to the College Office is between the hours of 8am - 4pm.

* Entry to the College by vehicle for student drop-off is after 9.10am. For afternoon student pick-up it is strictly after 3.10pm. There is an allocated area in the bus bay to drop off and pick up students at any other time. Please understand this is for student safety reasons.

* Pick-up times for students on Wednesday afternooon detention is 4.00pm


What are the College Term Dates for 2019?

Term 1 - January 30th - April 12th

Term 2 - April 29th - July 5th

Term 3 - July 22nd - September 27th

Term 4 - October 14th - December 20th

When are the Summer-style and Winter-style uniforms worn?

Term 1 & Term 2 - Students wear summer uniform

Term 3 - Students wear winter uniform

Term 4 - Students wear summer uniform

* PE uniforms can be worn for the whole day on Tuesday's only

* PDHPE lessons that require PE uniform - students need to bring their PE uniform to school and change into it for PDHPE lesson. After the PDHPE lesson students must change back into their full uniform.


What are some of the methods of regular communication with the College?

* The College regularly use Skoolbag app for up-to-the-date information and messages. (

* Student & Parent Portal shows daily messages to students; timetable changes; room changes; assessment handbooks; reports; booking of parent teacher interviews.

* Sydney Catholic Schools policies can be found under Links on our College website

* The contact phone number for St Joseph Trades Skills Centre is through Good Samaritan: 02 98259955 and callers will have their calls transferred.

What are some important enrolment dates for 2019?

* Enrolments for Year 7 2021 close on 5th April 2019.

* Enrolments are accepted from Year 5 students every year in March for their entry into Year 7 ie you need to enrol your child when they are in Year 5. The College advertise the dates for our Open Day from February/March each year on our website.

* Enrolment Policy is available on Sydney Catholic Schools website


What do I need to do regarding late/missed assessments?

* If a student is absent when an assessment is due or an examination is being held, a Doctors Certificate is essential and must be attached to a Misadventure/Illness Appeal form. This form can be collected from the College office, completed and returned as soon as the student returns to school.

* If a student knows in advance that they will be absent for any reason from completing an assessment/examination, an Extension Appeal form must be collected from the front office, completed and returned prior to the absence.

Where can I get School Fee information?

* Schedule of fees and charges - please refer to College website General Information / Schedule of Fees and Charges.


Where can I get access to the Student & Parent Portal?

* Year 7 students and parents will each receive a letter with instructions on how to register for access to the Student & Parent Portal. Parents will have their own registration access code. Students will also receive their own registration access code and will need to log in on a daily basis for information on timetable, daily notices, room changes etc. Parents access will allow them to view their child's timetable, attendance, reports.

* Usernames for access to the Portal is the valid email address with was registered by parent. Students username for access to their own Student & Parent portal is their student email address.


What needs to be done regarding student leave (eg. leave during school terms)?

* It is very important that students do not miss any schooling and we recommend that family holidays be scheduled during school holidays. However, sometimes we do understand that this is not possible and if students are going to be absent for a period of time (5+ days) an Application for Leave is required 4 weeks prior to the student leaving. This application form can be obtained from the College office and the student will need to have all his/her teachers sign and if necessary, reschedule any assessment tasks/examinations which may occur during the absence. The completed form must be submitted for Principal approval.

* If a student knows in advance that they will be absent for any reason from completing an assessment/examination, an Extension Appeal form must be collected from the front office, completed and returned prior to the absence.


Does the College have a uniform shop?

* OnCampus Uniform Shop is open every Tuesday 12pm - 4pm and every Thursday 8am - 11.30am.

* St Joseph Trade Skills Centre uniform can be purchased from Liverpool Uniforms & Embroidery, Shop 2/170 George Street, Liverpool - Phone 96010812





02 98259955

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