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WYD Opening Mass

Today marked the beginning of things to come for World Youth Day. We used the city's public transport to bring us to Tauron Arena; which was the site for the Australian Gathering Liturgy. Aussie pilgrims from all over Australia came to the arena to celebrate the beginning of WYD week...

It was a great celebration filled with song, dance, speeches and reflection of things to come.

A quick lunch at the old town was always popular. Amidst the awesome food we ate, we again met so many people from all around the world. Koala pins, Australian flags and other Australiana souvenirs were traded with mementos from other parts of the world..

The afternoon sky looked gloomy. As we finished lunch, thunder and rain set in. Our walk to Blonia Park; which was the site of the WYD Opening Mass, was done in pouring rain. But we didn't give up. We braved the elements, and ventured on.

Despite the wet conditions, the mass was celebrated by thousands of pilgrims from all over the world. It was a site that was really awe-inspiring. Flags and the many different colours of the world really brought the atmosphere to life.

We are really looking forward to what WYD16 will bring us in the coming days!!!

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