Pope Francis Welcomes the World to WYD16

The wet conditions were not enough to stop hundreds of thousands of pilgrims from converging on Blonia Park this evening, to meet Pope Francis. The short walk to the live site was done by pilgrims from all over the world. It was great that our pilgrims were able to meet people with very different cultures; but also with the same faith in living out the good word...

Exchanging gifts and signing flags brought pilgrims from all parts of the world together...

The Aussie pilgrims were of course proud and happy to show that Australia is a nation full of mateship and camaraderie.

The rain continued to pour, but that was fine. The poncho that came with the WYD backpack was surely a hit for the day's conditions...

After a couple of hours' wait, Pope Francis greeted the world. He urged pilgrims to be merciful like God; and that God's love couldn't simply be bought. The crowd listened to his every word, and cheered as the Pope interacted with them. World Youth Day 2016 has officially commenced!






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