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Students "Shine" as they recreate GSCC's School Song

A new melody. A new harmony. A changed song.

Students from Good Samaritan Catholic College have worked together to recreate our school's prominent and loved school song. With many signing up to either be part of the band or even singer for the production, these remarkable students have taken the time and effort, accompanied by their musical talents, to create a new version of the current school song "We Will Shine" for the 20th anniversary of Good Samaritan Catholic College.

With Mr. Cancino as main ring leader, the students have successfully created a brand new school song. But they came to a decision that some originality had to be showcased throughout the words in order to exhibit the heritage of Good Samaritan Catholic College. This was done through reusing the chorus (Wording: "We Will Shine") through the vocals.

Some of these students were interviewed about their roles in the song and their opinions regarding the process...

..."the purpose of this song is to recognise the history of the school as it is improved into a modern version" ..."this song represents what the school has become over the years"