Keeping Busy... Staying Healthy!

Despite the fact that the lockdown continues our remote learning arrangements, it is important to keep fit and healthy during these challenging times. Part of the challenge is thinking of what to do at home to try and reduce stress and promote good wellbeing. Many of our students have been quite creative in tackling the situation, and they share with you some of their great ideas below!

"Through this unusual situation, physical activity is essential. Staring at the computer all day is tiring, so taking a small break, or stepping outside for a breath of fresh air makes me feel like a new person. At the end of my lessons, I colour to get away from the computer."

"It is essential to keep fit, and although we can’t go anywhere, we need to be active. I have been going on the trampoline, scooter and bike rides daily. Even following a youtube workout or stretch is great. During work hours, I find it great to change the scenery and go outside. Take advantage of all this spare time and bake a cake, get into a new hobby or do a puzzle and most importantly be with your family. You can even watch TV or the Olympics to relax. "

"To keep entertained our family has done multiple puzzles (1000 and 100), we played Scattergories, and baked cakes. To anyone struggling, or finding these circumstances hard to cope, everything is going to be okay, this is just temporary. We will get through this."

"Throughout the remote learning experience, it has been a crazy time with my 4 younger siblings in the house, so when we finish our work, we usually go outside and go to the closest park and play soccer and walk around. It is a great amount of time for our family to get along, get enough sunlight and exercise, such as walking and bicycle riding."

"Staying healthy during lockdown/home learning is essential as we are stuck inside. The simple things like going on the trampoline and kicking a ball in your backyard is all your body needs to feel fit and active. In this time we are seeing more people going on bike rides and walking in the neighbourhood. Although physical activity is an important aspect of keeping your health and fitness up we have to remember that mental health is just as important. During these difficult times my family and I have completed puzzles, done sudokus, played board games and have participated in kahoots and online trivias. I highly recommend spending time as a family. If you are not able to be with your family you should start FaceTime calls and/or Zoom calls. We also have to keep in touch with our friends and remember that everyone is in the same boat. In a way Covid-19 is helping us get closer to our family. I hope that when this is all over, things between families and neighbours stay the same because it's not everyday that everyone is walking and you can give someone a wave from across the street. I hope everyone is staying safe and healthy during this pandemic."

"We have been playing tennis in our backyard on the court. Your body needs to stay active, and make sure you do everything to eat healthy, and only eat a little bit of junk. Also spending all of my time with my seven little puppies that have been born."