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Looking Back on a Remarkable Term

In what has been a busy term, we look back at the various experiences and momentous events that have defined the term at Good Samaritan Catholic College. In this episode of GSCC Insight, we talk to our College Principal, Mr. Corcoran, who guides us through a captivating journey that encapsulates the essence of GSCC's commitment to excellence, community and spiritual growth.

From the mesmerising ArtsHQ Performance that celebrated the creative talents of our students to the competition of SCS Sport where teamwork and sportsmanship shine, this term has been a whirlwind of achievement.

The essence of compassion and community service was really seen on Good Samaritan Day, a day when our students and staff came together to make a positive impact on the lives of others. A monumental milestone was celebrated as we marked 25 years of educational excellence with 'Back to Good Samaritan Day', which united generations of alumni, current students, and staff in a joyous reunion.

The dedication and resilience of our Year 12 students shone brightly as they undertook Trial HSC Examinations, a crucial step on their academic journey. Our Creative & Performing Arts and Technology students' ingenuity and innovation were on full display as they revealed their HSC Major Works, a resounding testament to their unwavering dedication and tireless efforts in crafting exceptional projects.

The impending Year 12 Graduation ceremony promises to be a bittersweet moment, as a wave of emotions and pride sweeps over our soon-to-be graduates, marking the culmination of their 13-year educational journey.

Finally, Mr. Corcoran unveils exciting plans for a new monument at GSCC, a monument that will honour our six house patrons and emphasise the significance of being a Samaritan at GSCC, ultimately leading to the cross.

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