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10:10 Conference: An Unforgettable Experience for Students from Sydney Catholic Schools at GSCC

On the 20th of May, Good Samaritan Catholic College had the honour of hosting the 10:10 Project - 2024 Conference. We welcomed over 1,000 Year 10 students from Catholic schools across Sydney to our College for a day full of meaningful activities and experiences.

The day was packed with various activities that kept everyone engaged and excited. There were fun games, delicious food, insightful discussions, and opportunities for prayer, reconciliation, and Eucharistic Adoration. These activities offered a wonderful chance for all students involved to reflect, grow spiritually, and connect with new friends from other schools.

One of the highlights of the day was the talk by Jason Evert, a guest speaker for the Conference from America. He delivered a truly powerful and engaging talk on Respectful Relationships and Consent. Jason's presentation was really informative, and it gave the students a lot to think about when it came to how students treat others.

The success of the event wouldn't have been possible without the incredible work of Sydney Catholic Schools, the dedicated staff at Good Samaritan Catholic College and all staff involved from the schools that attended. Their hard work and organisation left a lasting impact on all of the students. The 10:10 Project Conference wasn't just educational; it was truly inspiring. It encouraged students to have respectful and healthy relationships in their lives and it helped them grow both personally and spiritually.

Overall, it was a fantastic day that left everyone feeling enriched and motivated. The students are all looking forward to applying what they learned and continuing to build on the connections they made during this unforgettable experience.

Report by Clarissa E


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