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Italy - Florence

We landed in Milan, Italy at about 7:50am Italy time (2:50pm Sydney time). The weather was good, and quite different to Sydney at this time... it's warm! I think I better pack away that hoodie and scarf as the weather was a very nice 30 degrees. Ingrid from the 'Cosmos' group, greeted us as we exited the airport, and we were soon on our bus to explore this great place.

Ingrid gave some very interesting facts about Italy as we journeyed to Florence. She also gave us some good tips on things like how to order at a restaurant, how to greet people, etc. We stopped by a roadside petrol station; called a 'Autogrill'. These aren't your usual Caltex servo's you see on the side of the road... They're large centres where you could not only purchase petrol; but also have a pizza freshly baked for you, or even have a coffee freshly made at the coffee bar. It was only a short stop; where we then continued the drive to Florence.

Florence is a city with Tuscan-style buildings. One notable building is the Cattedrale di Santa Maria del Fiore, which is the main church of Florence. This is the dome-like building you can see in the picture below...

We also explored the city of Florence; ate Gelato, and saw this nice church...

...and celebrated mass in the evening.

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