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The spirit of Bus 12

With a late night flight to Warsaw, arriving at 2:30am there were a lot of tired eyes but this didn't stop us from getting into the WYD spirit. After a delicious breakfast we headed for Czestochowa to celebrate mass with all of Sydney archdiocese at the Jasna Gora Shrine. We then saw the famous Black Madonna, an image and devotion Saint John Paul II held very close to his heart.

As we walked the streets of Czestochowa, the voices of Bus 12 echoed throughout as we changed and sang! The spirit of Bus 12 is truly alive. Our latest Bus 12 chants are:

Bus 12 together,

now and forever.

We come from Sydney

going Vienna.

We'll see Pope Francis,

lead us to heaven.

So please don't end this jouney today.

Oooooooooo Bus 12!!!

Ea-mon, Ea-mon Ea-mon,

Ea-mon Ea-mon, Ea-mon

Ea-mon Brownnnnn.

Luk-ey, Luk-ey Luk-ey,

Luk-ey Luk-ey, Luk-ey

Luk-ey Chircoppp.

Tomorrow we will have a day to familiarise ourselves with the city of Kraków as we begin the long awaited WYD week.

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