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Exploring Krakow - Poland

We are in Krakow!!! Our bus arrived last night at about 8:00pm (Krakow time). Despite the long bus ride; we were excited to meet up again with the whole group from Australia! Today we had a quick breakfast in the morning, before beginning the leisurely stroll to the historic centre of Krakow.

We met so many people; and it wasn't just people from Poland and Australia... It was almost a league of nations!

This is the main church in the area. It is 'St Mary's Church'; or Kościół Mariachi. It is a beautiful Gothic Church that was built in the 13th century, and rebuilt in the 14th Century to its current form.

The town square was literally a mini-celebration. The people we met were friendly; inviting; and full of spirit.

As we waited in line to check out the areas of certain places; we again met people from all parts of the world... including Portugal.

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