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Exploring Vienna, Austria

It was sad to leave Zakopane; and of course, Poland. After having breakfast, we brought our bags down to the reception area of the Mercure to load onto the bus... bound for one of our final destinations of our 3-week journey - Vienna, Austria.

Along the way, we stopped by a very nice church (which was still in the Polish region). The priest was very excited to have us visit the church, because his community was in the midst of celebrating WYD; however no pilgrims visited the church until now.

We left Poland, and drove through Slovakia for our journey to Vienna, Austria. The picture below shows a castle that still stands majestically amongst the trees and mountains in the country.

Vienna is a bustling city that's rich with musical history. Its beautiful Romanesque architecture could be seen from the buildings along the main street.

There are many ways to get around town... Car, bus, tram, or even this horse-drawn carriage...

It was only a day-long visit to this beautiful city; and I'm sure many will come back to explore the city more in the future. We arrived at our final hotel in the evening, and everyone was clearly tired. Unfortunately the Freeman group leaves us tonight in the early hours of the morning. It's sad that we are saying goodbye so soon to so many friendships we have made along the way...

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