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The Journey Home - Bus 11 (Freeman)

After saying an emotional goodbye to the Bus 11 family the night before, the Freeman kids departed from the hotel in Vienna at 1:45 am to the airport. After the longest check in queue, we all had a well deserved nap before boarding our hour and a half flight to Frankfurt, Germany. We spent 7 hours at the airport on Germany after landing in extremely foggy conditions and decided to shop and have breakfast. After a few hours of shopping we boarded the plane for Hong Kong and began our long trip home.

The flight was long and everyone slept extremely well after our almost 24 hours since we had left our hotel in Vienna. It all went well and we landed in Hong Kong for a quick coffee stop before embarking on the final leg of our trip home. Unfortunately the coffee didn't help many of us readjust to Australian time, and we once again fell asleep on the plane and were out most of the way home. We landed home at 8pm Australian time, grateful to return home to our families but also missing all our bus 11 siblings who were still at the airport in Singapore at this point. The trip still was not officially over at this point as in the words of Pope Francis; this was our most important part of the pilgrimage, as we returned everything we had learnt to those back home which we now finally have the chance to do.

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