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GSCC Formation Session - Getting Ready for ACYF

With only 2 days left before ACYF journey begins, Year 10 and a number of Year 11 students joined together in the College Hall. The session, which was lead by Ms. Romolo, began with a moving testimony by Mr Montford on what being Catholic means to him and where it has brought him today. The students and teachers then got together in their groups for a formation session.

A number of ice breakers were undertaken with our groups. This was followed by a question and answer session lead by the teacher leaders. They asked 'Why do you want to go to ACYF?' and 'What would you like to get out of ACYF'? These thought provoking questions began to prepare us for what lied ahead at ACYF. We were then brought back into the hall to collect our official Sydney Catholic Schools packs. A final few words were made by Miss Romolo, and we are now ready to venture into what ACYF has in store!

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