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Another Faith-filled Journey on Day 2 at ACYF

ACYF - Day 2 began with a 7am start for GSCC, as we boarded the buses to Sydney Olympic Park. Once we arrived, we headed back into Qudos Bank Arena where we were given a set of rosary beads for our plenary session. We were firstly entertained by Fr Rob Galea who lifted our spirits through song, followed by Emily Wilson an America speaker, author and musician who spoke to us about young people finding their vocation through the help of God. She also prayed a decade of the rosary with the entire stadium and sang a prayer for us all.

After our plenary session we headed into the showground to participate in a number of games, performances, inspirational speakers and stroll around the justice activity centre to see what the stalls had to offer for the day.

After several hours of participating in many activities we headed out of the show ground and back to the buses for an early trip home, ready for a tiresome day that Saturday would bring. ACYF Day 2 was complete and Day 3, the final day was just around the corner.

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