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ACYF 2017 - Final Words...


"In my entire life, I’ve been told and taught to find God in scripture, the old words of countless prophets and teachers. To find Him in the Bible, the most Holy Text in the world. In quiet prayer, an individual and private action. In regular mass, every Sunday where we listen to the priest deliver his Homily that can often go out one ear and out the other.

...but these 3 days of ACYF has proved that I can find God almost anywhere.

I found Him in the community of prayer; where the united voice of thousands communicated God's grace in everyone. The voice of people on different faith journeys; all saying with love the ACYF prayer, was a moment of clarity... we were really doing this.

I found Him in the music and song. With powerful lyrics that were both easy to sing and meaningful; our voices had never sounded so confident and pure.

I found Him in complete strangers. Looking at the faces of people I had never seen and most likely will never see again. I was able to see the face of Christ. A face of love, kindness, complete faith and trust. A face that was familiar amongst the crowds.

And finally, I found God in myself. I found Him in my thoughts that were centred around the worship and the words spoken by countless Bishops, speakers and teachers. I found Him in my actions, seeing my hands physically pack bags and help those who needed it the most. I found Him in my heart. One that beats for the duty to serve Christ as my Saviour, teacher and Messiah.

So yes, we can find God in the Bible, quiet prayer and Mass, but we can find Him also in so many more places that hold the same values and teachings. We can find Him in the actions of the youth. We can, and have found Him in ourselves."

Thank you.

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