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Yr 7 2019 Orientation Day - A Huge Success!

On the 21st November, Good Samaritan Catholic College welcomed over 250 Yr 6 students from various schools. The day consisted of many activities which helped the students familiarise themselves about the different processes of high school.

One of the significant activities which took place was the tour around the College. A handful of Yr 9 students had the privilege of being a tour guide for the students. Throughout the tour, information was given and booklet activities were completed. Each House Group of Yr 6 students were split within their house with different people which they have never met before. This was a good opportunity for the students to meet new people and make new friends, making it a lot easier for them to transition in to high school. The groups were introduced to two Yr 9 students who then took them around the school and answered any questions or queries the students had. High school can be quite daunting, but by getting to know their leader, the students felt a lot more comfortable knowing that they had someone to help them out in their first year of high school.

Overall the orientation day was a huge success as the yr 6 students got a taste of what high school life is all about. Not only did they meet new friends, but many teachers and leaders which they can go to if they need in the future. It was a huge honour to those students who were a part of the day as tour guides as they learnt how to work cohesively in a group and gave back to others in the community. Good Samaritan looks forward to welcome Yr 7 2019 in the new year!

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