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Papal Welcome Inspires People from all over the World

The Australian Gathering truly kick-started WYD 2019 for the Australian pilgrims. We heard a number of testimonies, as well as seeing Father Rob Galea perform for us! We were also called to advocate as young people for Jesus in our growing secular world; to be proud of our faith is a testament to our strength as a young church. This gathering was full of chants and singing and many ‘oi oi ois’ from all of the Australian pilgrims. We then embarked on a very long walk to the Cinta Costera for the Opening Mass. We met people from so many different countries, traded our little kangaroos and koalas and proudly showed off our Australian flags as well as the flag of Christ. The opening mass was beautiful in kick starting our WYD 2019 journey.

With a crowd of almost 500,000 at the Cinta Costera this evening, people from all over the world came together to welcome Pope Francis to World Youth Day 2019.

Pilgrims from Sydney Catholic Schools made sure they had a good view for when the Pope's motorcade came through. They joined the thousands of others from around the world who lined the thoroughfare.

Some of our pilgrims also had the opportunity to meet some special people from the Catholic Archdiocese of Sydney. Vanessa and Miriam met Bishop Umbers.

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