Show-Off These Amazing Tips For YOUR Macbook To Your Classmates

Ever wondered what lies in the depths of one of the greatest technological advancements of Apple?

What tips await you to make your Macbook that much BETTER?

Well you are in luck Good Samaritan Catholic College as I have 6 tips to optimise the usage of your Macbook!

TIP 1:

Confused in Math Class and forgot your calculator? Now you may think you can use your Macbook to access a quick calculator...Oh, wait the school's connection is playing up...again. Well there is a solution for that my friends!

STEP 1: Just type in your Math equation in Spotlight!

Yes, it seems very simple! If you do not know where you can access your Spotlight Search, look at the top of your Macbook to the right hand-side and you will see a magnifying glass next to Siri. Press the magnifying glass and you will achieve this amazing tip, without the school's internet connection!

TIP 2: