Show-Off These Amazing Tips For YOUR Macbook To Your Classmates

Ever wondered what lies in the depths of one of the greatest technological advancements of Apple?

What tips await you to make your Macbook that much BETTER?

Well you are in luck Good Samaritan Catholic College as I have 6 tips to optimise the usage of your Macbook!

TIP 1:

Confused in Math Class and forgot your calculator? Now you may think you can use your Macbook to access a quick calculator...Oh, wait the school's connection is playing up...again. Well there is a solution for that my friends!

STEP 1: Just type in your Math equation in Spotlight!

Yes, it seems very simple! If you do not know where you can access your Spotlight Search, look at the top of your Macbook to the right hand-side and you will see a magnifying glass next to Siri. Press the magnifying glass and you will achieve this amazing tip, without the school's internet connection!

TIP 2:

Using Incremental Volume Adjustment. Now you might be thinking what is this "Incremental" volume adjustment and why do I need it?

Well to achieve this there are just 2 simple steps and then it is pretty self explanatory!


Hold down Shift + Option


Hit the volume Up or Down keys to incrementally adjust the volume up or down.

Now I got you thinking.


Well it definitely comes in handy when your teacher tells you turn your music down because the entire classroom can hear you through your earphones/ headphones. Now you just need to lower only a fraction of one volume option!

TIP 3:

Using Incremental Brightness Adjustment!


You can also do Tip 2 with your Brightness Adjustment! Simply follow the same steps by pressing the brightness adjustment buttons!

TIP 4:

Cycle through Running apps!

Ever thought twice of where the application you always have on is placed? You are probably like me with a thousand desktops on:

Well you probably have a lot of applications open on each of these screens but your dock bar doesn't have all applications open therefore, you have to scan every app to see which window you want in front of you.


STEP 1: Hit the Command + Tab keys on your keyboard and you’ll be presented with the windows seen above.

STEP 2: From here you can hold the Command key and cycle through apps by tapping the Tab key. Whatever app you release the Command key on will be selected.

TIP 5:

Use the Emoji Keyboard QUICKLY!

Need to send your friend an emoji real quick without copy and pasting from that emoji website where we all have probably been on once such as when...

Adding one to our kahoot usernames


STEP 1: Hit the Command + Control + Space buttons



TIP 6:

Inverting Screen Colours!

If you can't see your screen in sunlight or your eyes need a rest when you are up really late at night studying for your Geography exam because you are bad at Geo or left it to the last minu--


STEP 1: Hit the Command + Option + Control + 8


STEP 2: Go to Settings