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A Once in a 'Googol' Opportunity

It really was a once in a Googol opportunity to be invited to the Sydney headquarters of one of the world's largest technological companies for an excursion.

On the 6th June, 10IST, 11IPT and the Special Events and Media Team embarked on a journey to the Google Headquarters in Sydney, marking just the second time that Good Samaritan has had the rare opportunity to go to this amazing place.

This excursion really gave our IST and IPT classes a chance to see technology they normally just learn about, in full action. It was also an eye-opener for the younger students of the Media Team as it showcased the world of technology from the engineers and presenters who are at the heart of it all.

The day started with an early wake-up call... All of us had to make it to Glenfield Station at 7:30am in the morning and then catch a train to Town Hall, where we then had to walk to Pyrmont. That was where the Google Headquarters was located.

We couldn't believe that there were actually 3 Google Buildings! Each of us were all greeted to a panel lead by two presenters and three software engineers that all worked at Google, to speak about the opportunities for Computer Science as a career.

"Once we got into the building, we were already greeted to an interesting presentation about our potential futures in technology, primarily Computer Science! We were told that the possibility for new careers to open up was a high possibility because even back in 2008, iOS and Android app development wasn't even considered a proper career yet and now they've exploded in demand... so what's holding back other career paths from doing the same? After that, we had a Q&A session with three software engineers; Connie, Richard and Dimitri, where we each asked them so many questions about their life at Google. Some of them involved how they got into work at Google, what their work at Google entails and what being at Google has lead them to do program-wise, both in house and outer passion projects of their own. We learned so much about programming and job advice from all three of them!"

– Jessica R, Year 8 Media Team Representative

After the panel concluded, each of us were divided into groups and were brought on tour by Google employees. We all managed to go through many floors of the headquarters and saw so many innovative and intriguing hardware and software products that are exclusive to the headquarters.

Here's what others had to say...

"There was so much weird, crazy and interesting technology in there! There was a touch sensitive wall that you could play Pong on and a spherical monitor! You can even see where the engineers have fun with things, such as the unisex sign and the themes on each floor of the building."

– Georgio A, Year 10 IST Student

"One of our goals is to achieve and succeed for the future. This excursion helped us become inspired to try a new thing or two that we are keen on, which may make our pathway for the future. This can (potentially) be a path to help us find a job that we love or be inspired to pursue."

- Gabriella M, Year 7 Media Team Representative

Here are some photos of Google Headquarters taken by the Media Team!

The day concluded with lunch at Harbourside, and a train ride back to Glenfield Station.

The excursion to me and the rest of us, will be an experience that we will never forget. This was the closest you can get to a once in a lifetime experience to see Google in action, and all of us got it. The Google Headquarters was a great eye-opener for both the junior and senior students present on the day, and acted as a thorough showcase of the opportunities and careers that Computer Science has to offer.

It can be said with pure honesty that the Google Headquarters excursion was truly a once in a Googol opportunity.

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