Giving Hope... Giving Support to People in Need

In Easter, the College community dug deep for Caritas' Project Compassion. Today, GSCC presented a cheque for $8000 to Chris Nolan from Caritas Australia.

Chris presented to the Senior Students, exactly what our contribution does in the bigger picture. He showed us real life and physical examples of solutions to world problems; such as hunger, poverty, a lack of education, safe water and adequate sanitation. It put into perspective, just how lucky we are to have clean water to drink, shower and use every day... or even the ability to open a book, write, have a variety of food to choose from and to have safe healthcare in Australia.

Chris spoke of the struggles that some people face in our world today. Such struggles; which include the availability of basic commodities like drinking water, has led to Caritas in building support programs for these communities. The money that GSCC raised will help the organisation to continue to support these life-changing programs.

The Senior Students were reminded of the Catholic teachings behind Project Compassion and how important it is to reflect the values of Jesus in our actions, and not just during Lent.

By beginning to understand the issues of injustice and by witnessing the positive changes in the lives of people experiencing poverty, students can develop a deepening empathy and lifelong solidarity with people all around the world.

After the talk, it can confidently be said that in 2019, GSCC gave Lent more than 100%.

God bless, Vanessa W, Year 12 Catholic Life Leader.