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Year 10 Reflects from Refraction at Reflection Day

When we grow up, our views of the world and others can potentially distort and change in a way that causes us to forget what our fundamental values as humans are. Concepts such as human dignity, love and self acceptance can easily be thrown away for lust, greed and manipulation.

Sometimes, we just need to look at the world around us and appreciate the people who make it up. We need to look at the potential negative refraction that can be endured in our lives... the wrong decisions that could be immensely regretful for us an individual, and look at the reflection we can do in order to change that.

On the 26th of June, Year 10 went on an excursion to the Mount Schoenstatt Spirituality Centre in Mulgoa, to embark on their annual reflection day as part of their religious life at the College. The day was facilitated by The Culture Project, which is a group of young people whose mission statement involves believing in a world where everyone is loved. I can assure you that all of us in Year 10 agree with this statement too.

The day was presented by many amazing male and female volunteers, where the students were divided into their corresponding gender groups to discuss various social issues among ourselves and society. Various activities were undertaken in order to thoroughly and expressively allow for us to recognise the significance of love, intimacy, perseverance and all of the factors that distort the aforementioned topics.

The Culture Project organised a large variety of activities that allowed us as students to openly contribute and be engaged in what they had to say about the topics covered. From fun games, interactive group activities, entertaining voluntary demonstrations and a heart wrenching and uplifting story from Tommy (one of the hosts on the boys' side) are just small examples of the extent that The Culture Project went to in order to provide a memorable and impactful day for us.

From conversations, narrations to demonstrations, The Culture Project brought upon such a remarkable experience that I’m sure none of us will ever overlook as simply ‘another one of those reflection days’.

Their approach to exploring these otherwise tough to explain issues was amazing, and we have nothing but respect for all of our hosts today.

Overall, this reflection day has taught us fundamental social and spiritual values that are essential to living respectful and loving lives as Good Samaritans. We thank The Culture Project for their hard work to create an inspiring and astounding experience at the Mt Schoenstatt Spirituality Centre.

I would also wish to thank Mrs Kennedy, Miss Rigney and the Year 10 Pastoral Care team for organising this event, as anything else would simply not have been as memorable as it was for us as a year group.

From the bottom of our hearts, thank you all so much, we really appreciated the day!

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