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Why create a static class report when students are so familiar with and accustomed to working with technology. iBooks Author is the perfect tool to help them express everything they are capable of and it’s also the perfect collaboration tool that group projects can get behind. Watch your students as they dazzle you with their creativity and actually teach themselves – and each other.

Another potential document creator other than iBooks is the online tool called Lucidpress. The Lucidpress design site allows users to create content for the web and print using a cloud-based productivity suite that can be configured and integrated alongside Google Drive and other online tools. It brings together the desktop publishing features of Microsoft Word, and the collaborative experience of Google Docs into one very versatile design package. Design projects such as making a poster, a brochure, reports and photo books are easy to accomplish with LucidPress. Students can also work in groups and work together thanks to the collaborative feature that this program provides.

For the iBooks Author Resource Kit, Click Here.

For the LucidPress Resource Kit, Click Here.

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