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Both teachers and students can use iMovie to document and record events that has relevance to the units being taught in the classroom e.g., excursions. These iMovies can then be brought to the classroom and shared with the whole class. Students could employ iMovie in a Physical Education classroom to illustrate proper technique in shooting free throws. Or to perhaps demonstrate the relationship between good nutrition and better health.

One of the advantages to using iMove to allow students to present ideas and concepts to other students it that it allows students who might afraid to present in public, the chance to correct mistakes and to self edit their presentation or material.

iMovie is an ideal introductory editing tool for Apple classrooms, especially 1:1 classrooms. It can support project-based learning and build students' digital storytelling skills. Before diving into iMovie, introduce students to storyboarding as a way to organiSe their ideas and design the video. Students can start using pen and paper, and then gather the necessary footage and images to create their vision. After shooting, have them transition to iMovie's built-in storyboarding tool. This allows them to quickly develop a plan for their finished project, and they can use that to begin selecting clips to drop into their timeline.

In terms of projects, iMovie can satisfy just about any need for demonstrating learning. Students can use iMovie to develop a digital portfolio, including everything from book trailers to interviews to collaborative conversations to presentations. Teachers can also record demonstrations and lessons for a flipped classroom or for students who need additional assistance and differentiation.

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