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Green Screening the Classroom

Green screen is often associated with big blockbuster Hollywood films including Marvel's Avengers and Harry Potter. However, many teachers have been using this engaging and innovative technology in their classrooms, because it adds a new and exciting dimension to their lessons.

Green screen (or blue screen which works in the same way as blue and green are regarded as the best colours to use as they are the furthest colours away from human skin tones) allows the editor to remove the green background and replace the backdrop with an image or video of their choice.

Green screen allows students to discuss, evaluate or reflect on their learning using their imagination and digital skills. Students can share a story or get into character using a background setting of their choice – this is a classic example of using technology to do things that would not be possible without technology as suggested with the SAMR model.

Suggestions for the classroom:

- News Report – Eg. Creating a breaking news bulletin to report key events of the 20th Century that has been studied in class

- Weather Report – Eg. Weather terminology is found in some parts of the Stage 4/5 HSIE syllabus. Create a weather report, with the aim to include the language and vocabulary linked to the weather topic

- International Day – Eg. 'Getaway' / 'Sydney Weekender' style reporting of a particular area, focusing on key topics studied in class

- Live Concert – A music video for students’ performance

- Sports Central – Sporting commentary and description

- Time Traveler Reporter – Travel back in time – get into costume and have a historical backdrop.

For the Resource Kit: Click Here

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