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Develop your own virtual reality with CoSpaces

CoSpaces Edu makes developing 3D virtual reality worlds engaging and accessible. Students use the drag-and-drop library to build a virtual world limited only by their imagination. Images, including 360-degree photos, can be uploaded.

For an advanced activity, the next step is breathing life into these objects. This is accomplished by coding using Blockly (a Scratch-like coding environment) or through JavaScript and TypeScript.

Users can share their work in galleries and remix other gallery projects. Instructors have real-time views of their students' work using a dashboard, or simply clicking the link that has been shared. Viewing the projects using VR glasses is the real standout for CoSpaces Edu. This is accomplished with the accompanying iOS and Android apps and a pair of Google Cardboard glasses.

CoSpaces Edu can be easily used across the curriculum. Students could use it to model their thinking about literature, create infographics, tell stories, or model scientific principles. A virtual museum could be created for sharing student work. To truly build out elaborate projects, students will need some deep coding instruction first if they wish to advance to this step.

For the resource kit, Click Here.

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