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Capturing 20 Years of Great Education

Good Samaritan Catholic College has always been a dynamic and diverse community; with the call to develop the gifts of love, justice, mercy, generosity and compassion through the education of our students.

This year marks the College's 20 year anniversary. From humble beginnings in 1999, Good Samaritan Catholic College has expanded both physically, and as a close community. From just 99 students when it started, the College now has over 1300 students.

Many of the events that have happened throughout the 20 years have been captured by the College's Special Events & Media Team. The photo below shows a special display set for the College Open day in 2008.

This image showcases one of the original computer labs. Equipped with around 20-30 computers, it allowed students to undertake a number of technology-driven tasks. The internet was serviced by ADSL 2 via the myinternet service. Today, each student utilises technology through their Macbook and are able to collaborate with students and teachers using Google's G-Suite.

Examinations were conducted in the E-Block, which has since been transformed into innovative work spaces for classes.

The College's annual Good Samaritan Day was celebrated outside the Performing Arts Complex prior to the much larger space of the College Hall. The photo below shows the behind-the-scenes preparations in the early morning for Good Samaritan Day in 2009...

...and as the images show below; it was another wonderful day.

Be sure to stay tuned as we continue to look back over 20 years of history at the College. Good Samaritan Day 2019 will bring our College community together to celebrate this momentous milestone, with the Good Samaritan Day Mass streamed live by GSCC's Special Events & Media Team.

Good Samaritan Day 2019 will be celebrated on the 5th September. Details of the live stream of Good Samaritan Day will be made available on the home page of the College web site.

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