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An 'Artzistic' Victory for the Special Events and Media Team

The Special Events and Media Team is known for many of their contributions both inside and outside the College. From the filming of the new school song to organising and running live streams for all of the school’s assemblies, it’s safe to say that we all do a lot for Good Samaritan.

For the past four months, the Special Events and Media Team worked on a project for CASPA’s Battle of the Artz, an annual video competition for various schools to compete in.

From Arts Schools to other Catholic Schools, various entries were submitted, judged and voted for. Out of all of the entries there could only be one overall winner...

...and it was us!

On Friday, the 27th of September, all the members from the Special Events and Media Team (even the graduated Year 12's!) were told that we had done it… that we had managed to come out on top and win the Battle of the Artz for 2019.

This is our third victory, adding to the already astounding record the Media Team, and College have when it comes to extra-curricular competition.

Although we were defeated by Freeman Catholic College last year, this did not deter us. We won the competition before in 2016 and 2017, and it all comes down to the hard work year after year.

It is an understatement to say that we were excited… all of us were ecstatic that our film got voted the ‘Overall Winner’ of the competition!

We would also like to congratulate All Hallows Five Dock for their own victory in the ‘People’s Choice’ Award!

In celebration of this win, here is an article that outlines our journey to becoming the victors of CASPA’s Battle of the Artz for 2019!

The Production

The goal of this competition is to create a video piece that revolves around a given theme, and the theme for the 2019 Battle of the Artz was Diversity.

With the announcement of the theme, the team was already off to work…

In June, early brainstorms of what was to become the winning entry were already being sorted out. Constant ideas and potential ways to tackle the theme were being formulated and discussed among everyone, until it was decided on a singular, moving concept. A script was made, and there was a lot of feedback by the Media Team members to refine the script.

Once the script was finalised, the school holidays came around… but that didn’t stop us from continuing with the production. All Media Team members who were available during the holidays travelled to the school to start filming. The day was really productive, but we were still not able to finalise all of the filming. The intro scene itself that only went for 30 seconds took over 2 hours to film.

July was the month where the main filming was done, and the first ever draft was formed. Back then, it was only still footage.

No narration…

No introduction…

Just footage.

We had a long way to go.

Some of the scenes did not quite work, and we agreed that some areas had to be re-done and re-filmed. It was stressful at times. But we kept going and kept filming. The end-scene was actually filmed several times, and there are three different endings!

August and September set light to the additional filming of extra scenes, as well as finally implementing the narration.

Within the last few days before submission, a special introduction was added showing a split screen image roll of various members in the Media Team. Post production work put all the filming, audio and effects together.

After all of this, the final project was now a film and was ready for viewing. Four months of hard work by all of us all paid off, when on the 13th of September… the film was submitted and ready for judging.

One week later, we were told that we had made the finals! An achievement on its own that was to be commended for!

But on the 27th of September… it was announced that we had won the competition. This was groundbreaking for us. Everything paid off in another victory for the Media Team!

Personally, I would like to thank everyone who contributed to our victory. When I say everyone, I mean everyone… The actors, the camera operators, editors… and the voters themselves. This was never possible without all of you.

Here’s to another 'artzistic' victory!

Watch the film now below!

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