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GSCC Performs at 'Your Next Step' Dance MISA Competition

On Wednesday the 28th August, the MISA Dance group performed in the Your Next Step Dance Challenge. They represented the school with lots of enthusiasm. They came 3rd in Lyrical, 2nd in Jazz and 3rd in the Open Section where they performed a hip hop routine.

There were a number of student choreographers, and they made sure all were included in the different dances and routines.

"I felt very calm and excited as I had performed many times on stage. Overall I found this trip to be an amazing experience as I had a fun time performing with my Dance Group."

-Lachlan, MISA Dance Representative

"I felt so proud to be the coach of this amazing team and I could see how much they loved being on stage. It was a great experience for the students to show how talented they are in a variety of dance styles and to represent our school within the community."

-Mrs Georgieff, MISA Dance Coach

The Day went smoothly as planned and it is hoped that other students at the school will one day participate in these types opportunities and events we have at Good Samaritan Catholic College.

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