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A Day to Remember… Wishing the Year 12’s Goodbye and Good Luck

Some might say that school is stressful, boring, tedious, and at times... heartbreaking. But what common conceptions say about school simply do not align with how it actually is, regardless of how much one can contest it. Even through all the hard work we as students give here at the College, time and time again we are told how quickly high school goes by.

And those words could not be any truer...

This week, Good Samaritan Catholic College said goodbye to one of the most loved and respected year groups of all… Year 12. Throughout their time as the leaders of the College, they had demonstrated the key values of being a Good Samaritan. Their consistent care towards others, their determined drive to accomplish their goals and ecstatic effort towards their own schoolwork, whether or not it was being marked, was something that we could all look up to as students.

The Year 12 Cohort of 2019 graduated on Wednesday, September 25th. For each of them, their day was one of celebration, commemoration and emotion. There is no doubt that their graduation day will be something they remember for the rest of their lives going forward.

The liturgy contained arguably the most emotional part of the day. This liturgy contained a variety of heartwarming, comedic and celebratory moments for not only the graduating class, but for the entire school as a whole. Siblings of the Year 12 Students came forward and spoke about their relationship with their own brothers and sisters, making the school laugh, clap and cheer for what they each had to say.

Fred and Miriam, the College Captains for 2019, spoke their last ever address to the College community. A speech filled with motivation, praise and wisdom touched all of our hearts and minds as a community. After the final address by the College Captains, Mr Richard Berto (Year 12 Coordinator) spoke about his own experience with Year 12, and celebrated all their achievements together as their Year Coordinator. To conclude the liturgy, each of the Year 12 students walked out of the hall, under the arched arms of the arms of the Year 11 Year Group.

That was all for the day, but the Graduation Mass was the true finale to the saga that was Year 12 of 2019.

During the evening of the same day, Year 12 arrived at the College for the final time to celebrate Mass, and receive their awards and certificates of graduation. The Graduation Mass was regarded as the spiritual token for the Year 12 cohort, that was otherwise an emotional day for each of them. The award recipients collected their awards, followed by each student collecting their graduation certificate.

To conclude the evening, Mr Corcoran said his final words to the Year 12 Grade, blessing them on their journeys and thanking all of them for all that they had done for not only their teachers and the College as a whole, but for all they had done for themselves.

“Leadership at Good Samaritan doesn’t have to have a badge or a title, and our leaders haven’t been alone. The small, unnoticed things they’ve done for each other, and for our school, have made a great difference this year, and left a great legacy.”

– Mr Corcoran, College Principal

As the weeks close in for the Year 12's HSC, their graduation is a positive light that will shine upon their lives, exactly like the school states for us Samaritans. Bringing the light to others, it is certain that they will go and do likewise, exactly as the Samaritan did to the Jewish man in the parable that Jesus had told, exactly as the College staff do for us students...

...and exactly as we do to others.

“Year 12, may the road rise up to meet you, may the wind always be at your back. May the sun shine warm on your face, and the rains fall soft upon your fields. And Year 12, until we meet again, may God hold you in the palm of his hand."

"God Bless.”

– Mr Corcoran, College Principal

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