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A Magical Performance at GSCC's Aladdin Pantomime

Following the success of last year's Cinderella performance, students from Good Samaritan Catholic College's Year 9 and Year 10 Drama classes provided another magical performance for 2019. The audience were treated to non-stop action, dance and interaction in GSCC's Aladdin Pantomime.

It was noisy, loud and filled with interactive components that destined the audience to also be part of the performance. The performers certainly engaged everyone, and delivered the pantomime performance with such professionalism and enthusiasm.

The production was with no doubt, an absolutely large event to organise. It included building and painting sets, stage props, costuming, and song/dance choreography. The rehearsals began in Term 3. The rehearsals were undertaken during Year 9 Drama lessons, as well as after school where students were given the opportunity to help create and build the set whilst working on their characterisation for their allocated roles.

The pantomime ran for one week with three scheduled performances which were open to nearby primary schools, parents, staff, students and the wider community. A number of Good Shepherd and St Therese students were engaged in the interactive performance and enjoyed being a part of the audience. They were thrilled when asked to join the cast for a dance battle. All students were also given a literacy and numeracy booklet for the pantomime which they would complete once they had returned to school.

Drama teacher Paige Georgieff couldn't have been prouder of her students' enthusiasm and creative talents that were on show at this year's pantomime:

"I am so incredibly proud of this class, who have conquered their fears and challenges, who were pushed out of their comfort zone and who were able to present this show stopping performance. Each audience left wanting more and were completely in shock of how talented these young students are. Their talent is way beyond their years and their commitment and passion for drama shone through in every performance.

"As the Year 9 Drama teacher, I would like to personally thank some people who all contributed to making this all possible. Thank you to the GSCC staff Elizabeth Nugent, James Borg, Joseph Borg and Samantha Valderama who helped build and paint the set during the school holidays. To all executive members and staff who allowed students to rehearse during school hours and bought tickets to see the show. To Jason Reyes and the Media Team students for taking photos and video of the performances. To all the Year 10 students who performed as market sellers and stage hands, as well as our Year 12 ticket scanners who welcomed our audience.

"Lastly, this show would not be successful without the help of Mara Knezevic and Najee Tannous our CAPA Coordinator. They have given up a lot of their own time to help create the set and attended extra rehearsals after school hours. Their expertise and input made this show a world class production as they shared their wealth of knowledge and expertise to enable students to build on their characterisation and their overall performance. I can’t wait to see what the GSCC CAPA team will conquer for next year's pantomime."

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