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Innovative Learning with Microbits

A number of our Year 7 students have been busy this year in the Technology subject. As part of their Technology Mandatory studies; a number of the students have been assigned the task of developing a sustainable smartwatch. This coincides with the requirement for all students to learn how to code; and with the Microbit coding device, the students have learnt to block code a number of different smartwatch features.

Coding is an essential skill in today's digital world. The Year 7 students were initially taught the very basics of programming, such as learning how to translate a decimal number to a binary number. They then advanced into block programming and javascript to build their smartwatch devices.

The students were also given the task to build a watch-band for their smart device, using only recycled material. Skills in sewing and various textiles techniques were initially researched, before practical training was undertaken.

Watch this space as we showcase the finished products by our students in the coming weeks!

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