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Virtual Classroom Collaboration with Google Classroom

Google Classroom saves you time, keeps you organised and helps you communicate with your students. Think of it as a virtual classroom where you can upload work for your students to access, a place for your students to submit work, and a powerful interface for you to provide feedback. Get started today, with resources, tips and tricks from educators like you.

Setting a Google Classroom up with your students is easy:

1) Go to

2) Click the + in the top-right corner of the window, then select Create Class

3) Give your class a name (you don't really need to fill the other details), then click Create

Adding students to your class is also easy:

1) On your Google Classroom class page, share the class code with your students. They will use it to join your class.

Providing subject resources / work to your class is a breeze:

1) On your Google Classroom class page, click on Classwork up the top

2) Press the Create button

3) Select the type of resource you would like to provide

4) Click Assign / Ask in the top right when you've finished

Where to from here?

Add Subject Resources...

Discuss a topic using the Stream Page...

Create a Quiz...

Mark your students' work...

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