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Year 8 Explores Sydney Olympic Park

On the 9th of March, Year 8's excursion commenced and we were on our way to Sydney Olympic Park. The excursion began with an early start to the day, with everyone required to arrive at school before 7:45am so that we can have lots of time exploring the grounds and participating in many games and events.

When we arrived we had a quick snack, then we were greeted by our tour guides for the day. The day followed by walking around the area to seeing different sites on the park and around it.

Apart from it just being a fun day away from the busyness of classes at Good Samaritan, this excursion will greatly help us in our Year 8 Geography exam. We were handed booklets to work on while we walked around and saw everything at Sydney Olympic Park.

Brick Pit Walk

One highlight of our day was going on the Brick Pit walk. It was a great place to take photos and we learned a lot about it and what it was used for from our great guides.

"The journey to Sydney Olympic Park was a great educational experience as we learnt many new things that we can use for our exam. It was a very fun time as we were allowed to take photos, interact with others and see many new things".


Overall the day went smoothy and was still enjoyed even with the light rain. This was a wonderful experience for Year 8.

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