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Time to catch up with a book at GSCC's Book Club

Early in the year, many students of Good Samaritan enthusiastically joined The Book Club. From what had been a fairly small group in the past, the growing numbers in The Book Club affirm students’ of the College's deep love and passion for wide reading. We warmly welcomed the group through a range of ice-breakers and introduction activities. This allowed for a pleasant ‘Meet and Greet’ as well as an opportunity for students to share their perspectives and strong opinions in all matters relating to books! To much of our surprise, a large portion of the students freely expressed their distaste for the works of J.K. Rowling!

Students were put to the challenge through a ‘Book Bingo’, and this will ideally be achieved by the end of Term 1. The first student to complete all of the categories in the Book Bingo will win! We have also reserved a special section of the Learning Centre to acknowledge the very willing and dedicated members of the Book Club this year.

We look forward to leading a variety of quizzes and trivia games in the upcoming weeks. Watch this space for further details on the exciting events and initiatives for The Book Club 2020.


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