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ANZAC Day Commemoration

Our world at this point in time has changed. We are experiencing something unlike anything before that we, as a race have experienced before. As much as it is important now to remember to keep each other and ourselves safe, it is equally important to remember all those who, just like us a hundred years ago, faced something new and unlike anything experienced before.

ANZAC day is the commemoration for all those who fought in the war and the alliance between Australia and New Zealand, and to remember all those who served and died in the war. Despite the current circumstances, it is still important to commemorate as a community, even without the traditional style of a school assembly. Instead, an online presentation will be made available on Good Samaritan Catholic College’s YouTube channel. Even though the traditional services will not run for 2020, we as a community are called to commemorate all those who fought in the war for peace and for a better future for our sake. We invite you to participate in the remembrance online and as a community.

Lest we forget.

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