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Keeping our Community Connected with GSCC Insight

Following the lockdown restrictions of the COVID-19 pandemic, Good Samaritan needed an innovative way to showcase the bright achievements of our students, as well as the happenings and events around the College. The drought of assemblies had left us students with an empty void, lacking the charm that the usual gatherings present for us. It seemed as if there was no way for us as students to be aware about upcoming events on the College calendar.

That did not stop the GSCC Special Events and Media Team from drafting and creating a new, innovative alternative in order to resolve this complication that has sprung up due to the unfortunate circumstances. During the various Term One Zoom meetings conducted by the team, a new approach was formulated in order to provide students with enriching and informative information about the recent and upcoming events from the College.

The Media Team simply did not want it to be a typical textbook train of information that had no sense of memorability to it. What was formed was something truly spectacular, innovative and unique to Good Samaritan.

This new initiative was named ‘GSCC Insight’.

GSCC Insight is an episodic newswire that premieres the College’s latest events and notices, hosted by students and featuring Good Samaritan students and staff. It is run by the students for the students, presenting a detailed yet casual presentation for the students to learn and be aware of all their peer’s achievements, recent happenings and upcoming events for the College. It also contains some special addresses from Mr Corcoran and the rest of the GSCC Staff regarding the state of given areas of GSCC’s flourishing ecosystem.

Each episode of Insight contains various segments about various aspects of the College. Whether it be MISA Sport, GSCC Oratory, or the newly launched Encounter Youth Group, all aspects of the College are represented and reported on in order to keep our community up to date on everything that has been happening. It’s the new alternative to assemblies at the College for now, and it can be viewed at any time by students, staff and parents on the Good Samaritan Catholic College YouTube Channel.

You can view the first ever episode of GSCC Insight below.

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