A Community Celebration - Good Samaritan Day 2022

On the 19th August, GSCC celebrated its 24th anniversary! It was a day filled with excitement, fun, faith and food. This year's Good Samaritan Day was especially important as it was the first complete Good Samaritan Day celebration in 3 years due to COVID-19.

The day started with a School Mass with Years 7 and 12 in the College Hall, and the rest of the school and the community watching a special livestream of the event.

The faith of the GSCC community was really shown during the Mass. It was also great to see the choir and band perform a number of hymns and the College song, which was something that previously wasn't able to happen due to restrictions. At the end of the Mass, the community listened to Mr Corcoran's speech which reminded everyone what it meant to be a Good Samaritan.

Students excitingly began setting up PC class stalls in readiness for the day. Each stall sold/offered something different. For example, one PC stall sold pizza whilst another sold a chance to win a prize by winning a race. Every student had the chance to go around to see the stalls and possibly buy some food or play a game.

At the end of the day, the whole school came together to attend a special GSCC Open Air Concert. Various students were given the opportunity to showcase their talents on stage. This included singers, dancers, and rock bands. It was a great way to celebrate the talents of the College. The whole school was then given a chance to try and break the world record for the most people dancing the Nutbush. Even though not everyone knew how to dance the Nutbush, multiple teachers and students demonstrated until many people eventually joined in.

Overall, the community thoroughly enjoyed the day, and it was undoubtedly a huge success. Good Samaritan Day was a great way to celebrate the anniversary of our school, Good Samaritan Catholic College.

Written By: Elizabeth G and Oriana P