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A very interactive learning experience at the Year 8 Italian Incursion

Our students in Year 8 were recently given a wonderful opportunity to interact with their Languages subject. The recent Italian Incursion was filled with fun and interactive activities for our students to participate in, and they share a number of these activities in the report below.


During our Italian incursion, we were taught a new game called Bocce, similar to lawn bowls. Signora Tedesco taught us the basic rules, and allowed us to have fun and play the game for the 30 minutes we were given. We played in groups of 4, where each of the members received 2 bocce balls in their respective colours. The aim of the game was to roll your bocce ball as close as possible to the Pallina (little white ball). Overall, it was a fun game enjoyed by everyone involved.

Pasta Making

We were given the opportunity to observe Professoressa Torresan and Jaquelyn L (a Yr 11 Italian Student), make Pasta All'Uovo. They used 100g of plain flour, 1 egg and extra flour for dusting which will serve one person. Professoressa Torresan and Jaquelyn then mixed the egg and flour using a fork then proceeded to knead the dough with their hands. Next they rolled it out in a rolling pin before passing it through the pasta machine. This experience was very enjoyable to watch and now I know how to make Pasta All'Uovo!


We were able to play a game called Scopa (sweep) with Carte Da Gioco (playing cards). Before starting the game we were given an explanation on how to play and then were sent off to make groups and play the game. It was very enjoyable and a lot of fun. Even though I was new to this game it was easy to pick up the rules and was more enjoyable once I learnt how to play correctly. We played Scopa for about 30 minutes and in that short amount I was able to learn a new card game from a different culture and that's something I believe I will never forget from this experience.


We ate gelato!! Before we ate, we were taught how to ask for gelato in Italian. Signora Ferraro taught us how to ask and how to respond:

“Quale gusto vuoi?” → “What flavour would you like?”.

“Vorrei un cono di ………(Cioccolato, Fragola, Menta, Vaniglia, Mango)” → “I would like …….(Chocolate, Strawberry, Mint, Vanilla, Mango)”

If we responded correctly we would receive the gelato. It was a fun way to order and always will be something I will remember.

Written by Emily P, Elise F, Charlize R and Joseph K


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