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An Interactive and Engaging Experience at the Year 7 2023 Orientation Day

On Wednesday the 16th November, our future Year 7 students of 2023 came to the College for their Orientation Day. On this day, the students participated in multiple activities which showcased the school's facilities and it led them to discover a taste of what high school is like.

The day began with the students gathering in the hall and meeting the Assistant Principal, Mr Vannan and the College Principal, Mr Corcoran. They also met the 2023 student leaders who spoke to them about what to expect for next year. The Year 7 2023 students were then sorted into their houses and began a number of ice-breaker activities.

The first activity was a tour of the school, led by their future peer support leaders, who are currently in Year 9. They were also introduced to subjects like Science, PDPHE and English.

For Science, the students were given a demonstration of how the bunsen burner works, which is a key piece of equipment in the lab. They were also shown how to light one. They then set off into smaller groups at the lab desks and had a look at different aspects of Science, such as Biology.

The PDHPE activity was conducted in the hall with the groups playing games such as dodgeball and Newcombe Ball against their peers. The Year 6 students played with fairness and true sportsmanship which are two qualities that are highly regarded at the College.

The English session included a writing activity and a welcome to the School's Learning Centre. They were introduced to the various facilities available at the Library to aid them in their learning.

Overall, the day was a success, and many future students commented on how helpful the day was and how they are looking forward to attending the school as a Year 7 student in 2023.

Written by Oriana P


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