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An Interactive Experience - Australian Reptile Park visits GSCC

On Wednesday the 6th September, students in Year 9 were given a unique experience to check out a number of various Australian reptiles. As part of their ‘Sustainable Ecology’ unit, the experience was certainly brought to life with the incursion. The students were able to see, hold and learn about blue-tongued lizards, shingleback lizards, turtles and snakes. They were even able to interact with a crocodile! The highly beneficial occasion saw representatives from the Australian Reptile Park visit the College to provide this wonderful opportunity.

It gave the Year 9 students a practical awareness on the importance of Australian Reptiles within the Australian Ecosystem. The incursion was an incredibly insightful and interactive opportunity that allowed students to learn about Australian species in an extremely unique way. The presenters provided the students a factual presentation on different reptiles, and how they thrive in Australian ecosystems, allowing students to interact with these reptiles themselves. This was followed by essential skills whilst communicating with animals, like how to treat a snake bite. The visit from the Australian Reptile Park was undoubtedly a great learning opportunity for students providing an awareness of Australia's Reptiles with a highly interactive and insightful experience.

The staff at the Australian Reptile Park gave us a chance to learn a lot. It was an engaging event that gave us a distinctive opportunity to learn about Australian wildlife.

- Ashita P, Year 9 Student

Written By: Sanjna S and Anna D

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