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  • Zoe C

Ash Wednesday: Lenten Season Begins

Despite the recent Covid-19 restrictions, the Good Samaritan Catholic College community held a special service in Pastoral Care classes to celebrate Ash Wednesday and the beginning of Lent.

Ash Wednesday marks the beginning of a six week Lenten period of prayer, fasting and acts of almsgiving. It prepares us for Christ's resurrection on Easter. The ashes, which were blessed by Good Shepherd Parish Priest Br. Pat, are a symbol of penance that reminds followers of God’s mercy on those who call on Him.

A presentation was produced by the College’s Religious Education Coordinator, Mr Bradbury, and it was viewed by all Pastoral Care classes. It included prayers, blessings, songs and videos that gave students an engaging opportunity to look into their faith during these different times.

Students learnt about this year’s Project Compassion theme; ‘For Future Generations!’. Project Compassion is a not-for-profit organisation that aims to provide assistance to people facing poverty and injustice around the world during Lent. The 2022 theme stems from five stories by people from around the world who have shown resilience despite ongoing challenges. The impact of the stories from Mozambique, India, Australia, the Democratic Republic of Congo, and the Solomon Islands, hope to show what future generations can do to help one another. This includes creating a lasting change for people living in some of the most vulnerable and low-income regions in the world.

Written by Zoe C and Monika M, with edits by Jamie K


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