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Beginning a new journey for GSCC's newest students

The school uniform was ready, the lunch boxes were packed the night before, and the new Macbook was fully charged for a day of learning. After another different school holiday break, Good Samaritan Catholic College's newest students looked all set for their start to their high school journey.

Our new Year 7 students had the opportunity to get to know the life of High School better at the recent Year 7 Orientation Day. The day gave them the opportunity to prepare for the requirements of a regular day in High School. More classes, more teachers and a lot of organisational requirements were big differences for the students when compared to Primary School, however they showed lots of enthusiasm and determination for what will be a very exciting journey ahead.

The students completed many activities throughout the day and explored the College with the help of the Year 10 Peer Support team. They got to know each other better, as well as having the opportunity to make new friends through the various icebreaker activities that they participated in.

The College Community wishes our new students a very productive and enjoyable year that will be filled with enriched learning experiences.

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