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Brilliant HSC Results from GSCC's Year 12 Class of 2019

The results are in... and with many of the GSCC Year 12 class of 2019 coming to the College to share their results today, they have proven that hard work and dedication certainly pays off at the end...

"I really enjoyed Extension History," Erin said today. She achieved impressive results in the HSC subject amongst others, which contributed to her impressive ATAR of 98.85.

"I've been studying history for so long, and it was a great way to finish high school. I'm looking at undertaking a degree in Civil Engineering at university."

Twin sisters Katrina and Marina were also proud to share their impressive results, both achieving an ATAR of 98.00.

"Our favourite subject was Extension 1 Mathematics..." the twins said. They both undertook the subject, and both did equally successfully to achieve wonderful results.

Betty is looking to pursue a career in film directing and film making. Her passion in the area of multimedia has inspired Betty to look into filming for the future. Her hard work in subjects such as Mathematics and Information Processes & Technology did not go unnoticed; where she achieved an ATAR of 93.75.

"I just love watching Youtube clips!" Betty said today.

"I've always wanted to see how all the media worked and have always wanted to pursue something in the area of media." (sic)

Miriam and Vanessa were also happy with their excellent HSC results. The two were World Youth Day pilgrims earlier this year, and showed that faith and trust in God goes a long way. Vanessa is looking to studying Criminology and Criminal Justice, something that she has had a passion in for some time. She scored an ATAR of 96.05.

Miriam is looking to studying Physiotherapy, something that will hopefully help with her aspiration to help people in the future. She scored an ATAR of 92.00.

"I want to inspire other people, and want to improve peoples' confidence," Miriam said today.

"Earlier (in my high school life), I personally wasn't confident. But through the work I have done through the organised missionaries and my studies in areas such as PDHPE, my confidence grew. I would like to give this back to others out there in the future."

Miriam was one of the Senior College Captains in 2019.

Jonathan's love of watching movies and his work on the College's Special Events & Media Team helped him land an impressive position with the Sound and Engineering Creative Media Institute.

"My favourite subject was Information Processes & Technology." Jonathan said.

"My love of watching movies inspired me to make my own. I am hoping to be a Film Director in the future."

Yvonne's love of problem solving, performing and public speaking has been impressive this year. She is looking to studying Pharmacy at university in 2020. Her outstanding ATAR result of 94.35 is testament that motivation and hard work certainly gets rewarded.

Natalia's hard work and determination this year was another success story in this year's Class of 2019. Her favourite subject was Legal Studies, and her consistent effort throughout the year has paid off. She looks to studying a Bachelor's degree in Social Work in 2020, something that she has had a passion in for quite some time.

"The course will hopefully get me in to an area that helps people, and make a positive difference. I've always wanted to do something in the area of social work." Natalia said today.

Good Samaritan Catholic College congratulates all our Year 12 2019 students on their wonderful results this year.


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