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Careers Expo 2023 - Opening Doors to Future Opportunities

On Thursday the 31st August, the annual GSCC Careers Expo was held once again at the College. This market-style event featured representatives from universities, apprenticeships and other different professions to provide students from Years 10 to 12 a unique chance to explore various potential career paths.

The interactive Careers Expo allowed students to engage in meaningful conversations with career professionals and gain firsthand knowledge about the industries and career paths they were interested to learn more about. Many students shared excitement and anticipation as they navigated through each booth.

The event's success was evident in the enthusiastic participation and positive student feedback. The opportunity to collect informative flyers and prospectuses allowed students to continue their research beyond the event. By interacting with professionals and institutions, they gained valuable insights into the practical aspects of their potential career choices.

Many students left the event with a clearer understanding of their post-high school options and a renewed enthusiasm for their future. This exceptional experience was made possible by the combined efforts of the organising team from the St Joseph Trades Skills Centre, and the various participating institutions on the day. We thank them for the wonderful opportunity.

Written by Elizabeth G and Oriana P


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