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Celebrating the Magic of Literature: Book Week 2023 at GSCC

In a whirlwind of literary enchantment, Good Samaritan Catholic College recently celebrated the much-anticipated Book Week 2023. Our students embraced the theme with unwavering enthusiasm, immersing themselves in a week-long celebration of reading, imagination, and learning.

Throughout the week, our College was alive with the spirit of literature as students and teachers embarked on a series of engaging initiatives. The atmosphere was abuzz with excitement as they delved into a captivating all-day read-a-thon, where pages came to life and new worlds were explored through the magic of words.

To keep the excitement brewing, daily trivia and book competitions engaged minds and sparked friendly competition. Our College community eagerly participated, showcasing their extensive knowledge of literature and their keen appreciation for the written word.

As we reflect on Book Week 2023, we're reminded of the power of books to inspire, educate, and foster a sense of togetherness. The event served as a reminder that in the pages of a book, endless possibilities and adventures await.

We extend our heartfelt appreciation to the students who participated wholeheartedly, to the staff who cultivated a love for reading, and to our supportive community for embracing the literary spirit. As Book Week drew to a close, the love for stories and the joy of reading continues to thrive at Good Samaritan Catholic College. Until next year's literary journey!


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