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Collaborating and Sharing Ideas!

From journalism to learning the film production process, GSCC's Special Events & Media Team recently had the incredible opportunity to share their wide range of technical and creative knowledge with several Year 5-6 students at Good Shepherd Primary School.

From the 19th May, the Media Team went to Good Shepherd Primary School to help support a unique mentoring program, where the school was also looking into forming their own ‘Junior Media Team’. The presentation began with an introduction by Mr Reyes. He introduced the Media team and all of the different things they do for their school.

Soon after, the students were split into 4 different groups: Technical, Post Production, Photography and Reporting.

In the technical workshop, the primary school students had the opportunity to learn about several camera systems and filming tools, such as a gimbal. They were shown how to film scenes using professional equipment. Meanwhile, in the post-production workshop, students were given a computer and were taught how to use Lightroom, a special photography post-production platform by Adobe.

In the photography workshop, students were given cameras and taught the different functions of a DSLR, as well as a number of photography angles. In fact, the images you see in this report were taken by Good Shepherd’s students during their photography workshop. Last but not least, in the reporting workshop, the primary school students were taught about journalism and reporting and did a number of presenting and reporting activities in front of their peers.

Throughout the afternoon, it was evident that the students had already learned so much in the short time the Media Team was there. Mr Reyes asked the students what they had taken from the workshops, and almost every one of their hands shot straight into the air:

  • “I learnt the difference between journalism and reporting!”

  • “We learnt how to make up questions for interviews with no script.”

  • “We practised improvising speeches in front of each other.”

Overall, it was a great day and an excellent opportunity for the Year 5 and 6 students of Good Shepherd to acquire a taste of what's yet to come in their very own Media Team.

Written by Oriana P and Elizabeth G


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