Everyone Belongs! Celebrating Harmony Day

Good Samaritan Catholic College recently celebrated Harmony Day. Harmony Day is a day for all students and the further community to recognise each other's ethnicity, cultural background and identity. It is also a day to celebrate inclusiveness and respect for cultures all around the world.

GSCC commemorated this day by holding a BBQ lunch, with cuisines from different cultures. Some of these included chicken souvlaki, Italian sausages and chevapi. Each serving came with a variety of bread and sauces that students were able to choose from. As this was the Lenten season, all money raised was donated to Project Compassion. Project Compassion is a not-for-profit organisation that aims to provide assistance to people facing poverty and injustice around the world during Lent.

Teachers and a number of Year 12 students helped prepare and serve the food to the school community. Many commented on how amazing the food was, and it was clear to see that Harmony Day was a success amongst the GSCC community.

It was great to see the students working together to produce an amazing event to promote inclusivity in society and for the wellbeing of students, teachers and the wider community.

Written by Elizabeth G and Zoe C