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Exploring the World of Chemistry: RACI Titration Competition 2023

In a celebration of scientific passion and dedication, we shine the spotlight on our remarkable senior students; Jamie, Terina, and Gladys. Every Wednesday, these talented individuals converged to prepare themselves for the prestigious RACI Titration Competition of 2023.

The regional competition, featuring 361 other teams in the state, showcased our students' skills in the intricate world of chemistry. Their collective commitment resulted in an impressive performance, securing 2nd place in their group and 22nd out of the 361 other schools who competed in NSW. This achievement, however, marks just the beginning of their journey.

With Jamie scoring 0, Terina securing a score of 1, and Gladys achieving a score of 40, their collective effort culminated in a combined score of 41. This noteworthy accomplishment propels them forward, and they now advance to the RACI Titration National Finals.

Their enthusiasm, determination, and collaborative efforts embody the spirit of exploration and learning that defines Good Samaritan Catholic College. We extend our heartfelt congratulations to Jamie, Terina, Gladys, and their supportive team of teachers. As they venture into the national arena, they carry with them the pride and admiration of our entire community. Stay tuned for updates on their journey to scientific excellence!


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