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Faith Formation for ACYF 2019

On Tuesday 19th November our ACYF pilgrims participated in a faith formation afternoon to prepare for their upcoming experience in Perth. The students had the opportunity to discuss the importance of faith and discernment, while developing a better understanding of what it means to become a pilgrim. Through the example of Mary, they considered the importance of saying “yes” to God and opening themselves up to listen to the Holy Spirit. The students commitment to their faith and the growing excitement as December draws near is inspiring as it demonstrates that the future of our Church is in very good hands.

They will have a formal blessing by the Archbishop at St Mary’s Cathedral this Sunday and we will celebrate a special Mass with them on Friday 29th December with Br Pat. Mrs Watson and I ask that the Good Samaritan community continues to pray for our pilgrims in the lead up to ACYF in Perth.

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